Steps for Roku Streaming Stick Setup

Roku Streaming Stick is one of the most selling models of Roku. This is simply because of three factors. The value for money it offers, the ease of set up and the amount of channels you get for free once you activate and complete the Roku streaming stick setup.

Streaming Stick

The device is probably the only streaming stick that one can buy under fifty dollars. The price, the last time we checked, was $46 on Amazon, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we could buy one that’s priced lesser.

Device Setup

Though we’ll explore the hows and whats of the setup later, it is true that the Roku Streaming Stick probably has the easiest setup in all of the streaming devices, even the other models of Roku.

Roku Channels

The third reason why people love to buy Roku devices is the affordability of the channels. Most of the channels in the Roku channel store are absolutely free and it is enough if you simply have a Roku account.

You can as well subscribe to only channels that are offered for free, and not pay for the rest of your Roku experience, and that’d be completely fine! Now that we know why people buy the Roku Streaming Stick, we’ll take you through the setup process for the device

Unboxing the Roku Streaming Stick for setup

When you unbox the Roku Streaming Stick device, please make sure that the device is intact.

You will have to also look for an AWR, an Advanced Wireless Reciever, and the adaptor for the same.

If you don’t have one, please ask your Roku store to provide you with one, as the user of AWR is recommended by Roku themselves.

Why does a Roku Streaming Stick need an AWR?

High-Speed HDMI cable

All the other Roku device, Roku gives you a High-Speed HDMI cable that you can use to connect Roku and the TV. But with Roku Streaming Stick, you will not need this HDMI connector. You can simply connect the device to your TV, in an HDMI slot. This means that the TV is an obstacle for the wireless internet.

Advanced Wireless Receiver

An AWR helps receive these signals a bit better than the usual reception of the Roku Streaming Stick. Also, the AWR can also be very useful in receiving the signals from the remote. These AWRs can be connected directly into the TV for power or can be connected to a separate power outlet using the adapter that comes with the Roku device.

How to set the Roku Streaming Stick up?

If you’ve made sure that the package is all there, please go ahead and the whole thing up. To do that, you will need to switch on your TV and follow these steps. Connect the Roku Streaming Stick to the TV’s HDMI port.

Once connected, If there’s a USB port right next to the HDMI port in your TV model, then connect the Roku Advanced Wireless Reciever on to the USB port, and the other end of the advanced wireless receiver to the Roku Streaming Stick +.

If your TV set does not have a USB port right next to it, then you’ll have to use the other two accessories that came with Roku as well.

The first one if the USB extended cable, and the other one is the power adapter for the USB cable. Connect one end of the AWR device to the Roku streaming Stick +, and the other end to the USB extender. Now connect the USB to the power adaptor, and plug into a power socket, and switch it on. Now that you have both the Roku Streaming Stick and the AWR device set up, please go ahead and switch on the TV.

how to setup roku streaming stick

Roku Streaming Stick setup and Internet

  • All other Roku devices allow users to choose between connecting their Roku device to the internet either via the WiFi or a wired connection.
  • But with Roku Streaming Stick, you can not connect your Roku device to the internet by connecting it wirelessly.
  • You will have to do so by connecting it over the WiFi.
  • To connect the Roku device to the WiFi, open the Roku settings.
  • In there, please navigate to the Network settings.
  • In the Network settings, choose to connect to the Wireless internet service provider that you own.
  • If you’re using the protected WiFi, you will have to enter the password to make sure that your Roku Streaming Stick setup is complete.
  • Finally, you will have to log into your Roku account to complete the setup process.

If you don’t have a Roku account…

The first thing to do if you don’t have a Roku account is to create one. To do so, you will have to simply furnish three pieces of information to Roku. Your name, your contact details, and your payment information.

Please mind that this payment information will be used to deduct money from, whenever there’s a purchase from your Roku account. After creating the account, please use the credentials to log into your account from your Roku Streaming Stick.

Once you do that, the Roku Streaming Stick setup is done, and you can continue or start watching your favorite channels on Roku, without a cable!


If you have any trouble with the Roku Streaming Stick setup, or if there’s a question you’d like to ask us, please let us know. Be it questions about setup, or account activation or even channel activation, we will help you with it.


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