Let us Explore the Methods to Connect Roku From One Device to Other

You cannot connect one single Roku gadget to multiple TV at the same time and all you can do is to disconnect the device from existing TV and connect to a different port on a new device

Otherwise, use a single Roku account login to connect multiple devices. If required, up to six authorized devices are acceptable

Can I move my Roku from one TV to Another?

Can I move my Roku from one TV to Another

Can I move my Roku from one TV to Another

Would you like to know the most preferred methods?

  • Disconnect the device from the existing input port and connect to the available port on a new device
  • Create a single Roku account to connect multiple devices
  • Use composite audio-video port and HDMI port at the same time
  • Enable screen mirroring or casting feature
  • Use HDMI splitter

Want to know How to use a Single Account to Connect Multiple Roku Gadgets?

Create a valid email address and proceed with the Roku account creation steps

  • Create an account visiting the Roku account creation page
  • Login to the Roku account
  • Select the appropriate manage account settings
  • Decide the number of devices to connect
  • Set the parental controls or secure each account with Roku account Pin
  • The device information will be saved on your account

Create a separate account

  • If this method is not compatible, create a separate account for each device and  proceed to link the device
  • Click on the Roku account sign up page, https://my.roku.com/signup to proceed

You can expect frequent error messages using a single account for multiple devices. In that case, try disconnecting the device   and connect it back after a while

Check the Compatibility with your Channel Provider

 Note that few streaming services do not support multiple accounts. Top services such as Netflix and Amazon prime supports simultaneous streaming

How To Move Roku From One TV to Another?

It’s simple, disconnect the device and proceed to connect the new device

To move your Roku from One TV to another, steps are here to execute

Disconnect the device

  • To start with, disconnect the device from the Network
  • Remove the cables connected
  • LAN
  • USB cable
  • HDMI cable

Select the Input Ports on the new Device

  • Select the available input port and that’s HDMI 1, HDMI 2, composite audio-video port
  • Fix the cables firmly
  • As you switch the device ON, the guided settings such as Language and display, the network will appear on the screen

Would you like to use Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Roku Screen mirroring feature helps to cast the screen of your device to a big screen. If Roku is your choice, install  screen mirroring app or enable screen mirroring settings

  • Ensure that the network connection is secure
  • Enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device
  • Use the Settings>System > Screen mirroring
  • Now, add the device to which you would like to cast the screen

Note– To cast the screen from a mobile device; install the screen mirroring Roku app, if required

Use composite audio-video port

Connect the first device to the HDMI port and another device to the composite audio-video port. Composite audio video cables are recommended for older TV models

HDMI splitter

HDMI splitters can take single HDMI input and provide multiple outputs. Refer the device setup manual to check the compatibility to use

What if you end up with issues connecting Roku to a different device or a separate account?

  • You can limit the number of Roku devices connected to a single account. Sign out of the Roku account and sign in again
  • Check the validity of the Roku account and email address
  • As you move Roku from one TV to another, select the appropriate input ports ( HDMI and composite audio-video input)
  • If screen mirroring is your choice, select the appropriate settings

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