Roku Remotes for managing your Streaming Players

  • Though there is a massive growth in technology and online presence, remotes play an essential role in operating devices like television, streaming players, DVD players, air-conditioners and more
  • Several mobile apps act as a substitute for remotes but still, remotes can never be replaced and here is everything you need to know about the Roku devices
  • Whether you use Roku streaming player, streaming stick or Roku TV, you will be needing the Roku remote for managing your device.
Pair Roku Remote

Pair Roku Remote

Roku remotes are classified into two types, Infrared(IR) remote and enhanced(point-anywhere) remote.

1. Infrared Light Remote

  • These are the basic remotes which will mandate you to point them towards the Roku streaming players
  • Otherwise, you will be unable to manage the Roku streaming player and the only good thing about this kind of remote is, no pairing is required

Devices that have IR remote are mentioned below

  • Roku N1
  • Roku 1, 2, and 3
  • Express+
  • Roku HD, XD, and XDS
  • Roku LT
  • Premiere
  • Roku Express
  • Select Roku TVs
  • Roku 2 HD, XD, and XS

Just insert the AA or AAA batteries into the remote and push the buttons you should use to confirm the working of the Roku remote.

2. Roku Point-Anywhere Remote

  • The Roku models that are launched will have the point-anywhere remote and the title itself symbolizes that there is no need for line-of-sight to manage the device
  • Moreover, the remote will utilize the Radio frequency, Wireless Direct, and Bluetooth as well.

Devices that have Enhanced remote are mentioned below

If you are not quite sure about the type of remote you use, just verify whether your Roku remote incorporates the below features.

  • Voice search
  • Power buttons for TV
  • A and B buttons for gaming
  • Headphone jack for Private listening feature
  • Remote finder alert

The above features are exclusively available with the Roku enhanced or point-anywhere remote.

Pair Roku Remote (Point-Anywhere)

Configuring the Roku streaming player for the very first time? Just utilize the instructions specified here

  • Initially, open the battery compartments and insert the batteries properly
  • Ensure that the Roku streaming player or TV is switched on before you move further
  • Now hold the remote straight to the Roku player and perform the pairing action which will commence by default.

Repair/Troubleshoot Roku Remote

When your roku remote not working, follow the below steps

  • Detach the Roku streaming player from the electrical outlet and try to reconnect after a few seconds
  • When you see the Roku home screen, just insert the batteries in the remote and make use of the Pairing button available in your Roku remotes
  • Check out the below steps to execute for pairing the Roku remote
  • Just hold the pairing button for a few seconds or wait for the pairing to light to flash which implies a successful pairing
  • If you are unable to view the light, press the pairing button for one more time or else try using  new batteries
  • Hang around for a few seconds and give some time for the Roku remote to wrap up the pairing session
  • You will get to view a successful pairing message on the television screen.

How to Pair a New Roku remote?

Execute the steps below to pair Roku remote

  • Click the ‘Settings‘ option available in the Roku home screen and choose ‘Remote
  • After choosing Remote, you should click on the Pair Remote option which will direct you to view the remote’s that you paired of late
  • Now click on the Right arrow in the next page  and navigate to the  next page that comprises of directives to pair a fresh remote
  • If you hit upon any issues or pairing is not successful, just start from the scratch.

Un-Pairing a Roku Remote

  • To un-pair, simultaneously hold the three buttons (Home, Back and Pairing) for a few seconds
  • You will get to view the indicator light flashing for three times consecutively
  • Once the indicator light blinks, authenticate un-pairing by clicking any of the remote control buttons  to check the response of Roku TV
  • Un Pairing will occur if you do not manage the settings.

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