Privacy Policy

All users should and must abide by all rules and regulations that we are going to henceforth put forward in this privacy policy

How we collect data

The website receives information feeds from its users by several methods, the first one being our customer care toll-free number, the second method is through the live chat feature and finally, through communications in electronic written formats

What details we collect

Name and personal details

For any given service, the website will require information for all its users to provide the tech experts with all or some of the below-mentioned details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Billing address
  • Cable subscription login
  • Mobile number

Credentials and Payment data collection

Payment information is necessary for activating premium channels and for adding other channel packages that the user is not already entitled to and hence, the website’s team will request for credit card information to process any query further, including for any service charges that may be applicable from our side.

Device Information

Device information may be requested for device related issues, activation of the device or for establishing a network connection of the device, and the details entreated maybe one of the following

  • OS version of the device
  • Device account info
  • Channel account info
  • Brand of the device used

Collection of Location data

Location details of the device and the service that you wish to acquire for the device are quite essential for providing information on the availability of a particular location-based service, in which case these details must be given upfront to the website or its representatives at the earliest for quick responses from the team