NORoku streaming gadget users will often end up with Roku not working errors. If you would like to stream without any interruptions, start analyzing the type of error first & identify the compatible Roku troubleshooting guide to execute

Roku not working

Roku not working

Common Roku Error codes

Error codes on Roku are many & each of these codes represents a different issue. The common error codes include error code 004, 009, 014, 003, 001, 017, 018 and lot more

The troubleshooting tips below can help to get rid of Roku not working errors to some extent. Unless you resolve error codes, it’s hard to proceed with streaming

Fix Roku not working Issue

Unable to switch on your device

Check the cable connections & make sure that it is secure. If its power cable, one end of the cable must be connected to your device & another end of the cable must be connected to the power adaptor

Roku device activation issues 

  • Besides the activation issues can rise due to invalid Roku account. Deactivate the existing account & try creating a new account navigating to account creation page my roku com signup.
  • As soon as you click on the URL,  a new page will  appear where you can type the required data

Internet connectivity issues

Internet issues often popup and it can be due to invalid credentials that you use. Opting for wireless network connection is always best as you can get better performance when you compare wired network connection .

 Roku device activation code error

Provide the device activation code in the required space and you can get a new code pressing the star button of your remote. It’s important to visit the exact page for activation

 Software issues or errors

Software errors often popup & you just need to update your device with the latest version and it’s the Settings >System >System update where you can update software settings

 Reset your Roku Streaming Gadget

  • Most often resetting or restarting your device can help to overcome most of the issues or errors. Furthermore, you can either opt for soft, hard, factory or manual reset.
  • If performing  factory reset is your choice, navigate to Settings> Advanced system settings > Factory reset

If manual reset is compatible, remove the cables connected & connect it back after a while

  • Roku remote pairing issues – If you are unable to pair your remote, try seating the batteries properly. If remote pairing issues remain it’s good if you replace batteries with a new one
  • There exist compatible Roku remote app and all you need to do is to begin your search navigating to the device app store
  • Alternative method- Press & hold the pairing button located at the back of your device to pair your device once again

HDCP Error

HDCP denote high bandwidth digital content protection standard & will often popup if you do not slide the HDMI cables properly to the required port. Also suggest using premium HDMI cables to get better output

Purchase a New Device

You have executed the steps & if the errors remain, you can try using a different device and models include Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere & Roku premiere plus

Channel activation errors

  • Channel activation issues or errors are common and if you end up with issues, try setting a Roku account pin and will help to prevent unauthorized channel purchase.
  • Pay the respective charges & if you prefer activating private channels, double-check to make sure that Private channel access code that you use is valid

To set a Roku account pin, sign in to the account and move to Roku pin preference tab 

It’s good that there are two choices

  • Always require a pin to make purchases or add items
  • PIN is not necessary to make purchases

It’s time to activate your streaming gadget, resolve streaming & activation issues and suggest you get help from our experts any time.

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