With the brand Roku gaining a name in the market, this diminutive device is one of the few more powerful gadgets launched in the year 2018. It’s powerful as its portable. Additionally. it comes in with various inbuilt features and options that will surely blow your mind. Presenting onto you is the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R.

Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

The anticipation customers have on the prospect of using this device wasn’t disappointing. This tiny little gizmo didn’t shy away from getting the viewers attention.

Packed with over 500 plus entertainment channels its a literal code-cutter device for users looking for a cheap way to watch channels like Netflix and Hulu Plus by using the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R.

The only necessity for this device is a need for an HDMI slot on your television. It cuts down the need for an HDMI adaptor allowing you to enjoy streams at HD levels of 720p and 1080p. What’s more, it can also scale up the 480p and 720p levels of viewing to 1080p.


  • To showcase how small the device is, its literally 3.3” x 0.8” x 0.5” in dimensions.
  • The material made is of plastic, all black in color and the device ain’t much to look at.
  • It does contain a reset button and a mini-USB charger at the back.
  • An HDMI adaptor inbuilt for immediate TV input
  • The roku streaming stick 3800r is accompanied by a 5-foot long power adaptor cable, which is useful to connect to a stable power outlet either directly to a USB TV outlet or by using the socket adaptor.
  • The Roku remote comes in with enhanced “point-anywhere” capability with the TV power button, volume keys, and voice search.


Compared to other Roku devices the power consumption charges is significantly lesser

  • When leaving the device on idle – 2.1 to 2.2 Watts
  • Using a screen saver option – 2.4 to 2.5 Watts
  • Netflix watching – 2.6 to 2.7 Watts

A nifty trick to save power would be to attach the charging cable to the TV USB port than a wall socket, thus, when the TV is switched off the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R won’t draw in the power.

Once plugged into the HDMI port, the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R will connect to the Internet via its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity characteristic. You can navigate via the included remote control or an Android/ iOS smart device app. Thus, you will have entertainment anytime and in any place.

You can even turn your Android/iOS smart device into a legitimate streaming companion should you forget to bring your remote along.


  • Ensure you have a Roku account with the required details, should you need to purchase a channel
  • Most of the channels and TV shows are available for free containing over 500, 000 Plus blockbusters, award-winning original Series, kids’ shows, live network TV, and more
  • An upgrade to the remote is the power button capable of powering up your TV, alongside the volume buttons located at the side
  • An inbuilt voice search option to help ease the search for your choice of content
  • Four hardwired shortcut keys for streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Direct TV now
  • Inclusive of two AAA batteries at the back battery socket


You will be previewing to the home screen by default once booting up the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R. The Home screen will contain all the user channels registered on the right side. The device also showcases the time on the top right corner along with the options link.

You can also view extra information such as your rating of the channel, add or remove it, or give feedback by using the uniquely available asterisk key located on the remote.

You can search for your choice of a movie by its title, actor or even the director

The feed on the left contains a variety of options to preview at your leisure and change the settings according to your convenience.

Suggest them to your family, friends, relatives or even those kids who live in hostels or dorms to purchase this all in one Roku Streaming Stick 3800R.

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