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Roku-streaming-stick.com intends to help users in setting up and troubleshooting their users with an upfront denial of an affiliation with the brand or its services rendered for warranty. Hence, users are recommended to read through all the terms and conditions without fail before taking up any service from this afore-mentioned website or its representatives.

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Depending on the location of the user and their device or the original place of origin of the dispute, laws applicable will be enforced against any miscreants or reprobates

Privacy policy

It is compulsory for all users to also take note and acknowledge to the privacy policy of the Roku-streaming-stick.com website


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Users are requested to make use of the information only as guidelines and in case of any disparities, the website will not be liable. Moreover, any discrepancies in details may also occur due to constant updates made by the manufacturer to the device and its affiliated service and therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any mismatch in data.

Third-party services

Like most other platforms, our website too insists on third-parties promoting their content and services on our website and you must make sure to read through their terms and conditions and privacy policy in case you intend to make use of their service or website