You can activate and access the YouTube channel on your Roku device easily now. You don’t need to go through a frustrating process of screencasting to watch the YouTube videos on your Roku device. YouTube offers you millions of videos consisting of whatever content you may dream of. What’s more fascinating is that you can also create your own channel on YouTube and upload videos for others to watch. You can effortlessly activate and install the YouTube on Roku device and start watching by visiting

Features of YouTube

  • YouTube has the greatest collection of videos, music, movies, short films, web series, and plenty of content
  • You can also pay and watch the most popular movies like Thor Ragnarok, Iron Man, How To Train Your Dragon, and many others on YouTube
  • Furthermore, you can watch live streaming of various artists and sports on YouTube
  • You can watch whatever content your heart desires on the YouTube channel on your Roku device
  • Moreover, you can use the YouTube app to learn and develop your skills too
  • There are many scientific, technological, and research videos available on YouTube that you can benefit from
  • You can also subscribe to your favorite channels and receive notification and videos from roku site
  • However, you may encounter some brief ads from time to time while watching the YouTube videos
  • These ads are worth the wait because the YouTube channel is absolutely free
  • Additionally, you can create your own films, music, videos and upload it on YouTube
  • What’s more interesting is the fact that you can earn money if your video becomes popular and reaches over a certain limit of views

Features of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid version of the YouTube app and you can avail it by paying $11.99/month

  • With YouTube Premium, enjoy an ad-less experience while watching any videos on the YouTube channel
  • Now you don’t have to wait frustratingly for the ad to be over so that you may resume watching your video
  • YouTube Premium members can download any video they wish at 1080p which is amazing
  • Additionally, you can have access to YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music for free with a YouTube Premium account
  • Moreover, with a YouTube Premium account, you can switch between the apps without worry
  • If you don’t have YouTube Premium and you switch to another app, the video stops playing
  • However, if you have the YouTube Premium account, you can continue streaming the video even after switching to another app
  • Furthermore, you can avail exclusive access to the original content of popular YouTubers
  • What’s more interesting is that there is a 30-day free trial period and YouTube Premium has no contract whatsoever
  • To subscribe to YouTube Premium navigate to on your computer and click ‘Start free trial
  • Thereafter, log in with your Google account and enter your payment information

Steps To Perform YouTube Roku Activate – Process 

You can easily activate the YouTube on Roku device without difficulty and start to watch videos perform the roku steps as followed:

  • To begin with, turn on your Roku device, then go to the home screen
  • Thereafter open the channel store, then find the YouTube channel under the ‘Top Free’ section
  • Otherwise, you can make use of the voice search and open the channel
  • Now add the YouTube channel by selecting the ‘Add channel’ option
  • Wait for some time while the YouTube channel installs on your Roku device
  • After the installation open the channel and select the ‘Gear’ icon on the left side
  • Following this, select the ‘Sign in’ option and log in using your Google account
  • Subsequently, an 8-digit activation code will appear on your screen
  • Now on your computer, navigate to using a browser
  • If you are prompted, log in using your Google account
  • Finally, enter the YouTube activation code in the given field and complete the process

Make note that YouTube activation is a free process and you don’t have to enter your payment details anywhere. There is a YouTube TV subscription package that you can avail of and avail access to the various live streaming channels and much more

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